Summoners Arena is an idle-RPG game developed by Onechain and Zitga Studio on Binance Smart Chain. Idle games require players to strategically plan their resources, items, characters and formation to maximize their gaining. Thus, Summoners Arena is heavily based on the decision-making of the players, making it the perfect fit for the current Blockchain and Crypto uprising.
Built with a player-experience-first motto in-mind, Summoners Arena is designed so that players can enjoy immersive gameplay and collecting rather than solely focusing on profit-gaining. Thus, a variety of game modes with various types of in-game exchange methods have been built into the game, making Summoners Arena not only profitable, but also enjoyable to play.
Lastly, we are in for the long run. With more than 02 years of building extensive lore, history, robust character system and in-game economy, our team is confident that Summoners Arena will successfully bring an innovative NFT-based gameplay experience to the gaming scene.
Last modified 2mo ago
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