Hero Linking

In Hero Linking, players can use their own Heroes together with Heroes from their friends (from the friend list) to enable an Alliance Link

  • Players can either use their own Heroes or Heroes from the Alliance Pool to enable an Alliance Link.

  • Each Alliance Link requires 3 or 4 Heroes in total with at least 1 Hero owned by the player to enable.

  • Once enabled, Heroes used in the Alliance Link (known as Linked Heroes) will receive a Linking Buff

Alliance Pool

  • Each player can send at most 5 Heroes to the Alliance List to support their friends. These Heroes will appear in the Alliance Pool of this player's friends.

  • In return, players can use Heroes in their own Alliance Pool (contributed by other players in the friend list) to enable their own Alliance Links

Linking Buff

  • Each Alliance Link grants the Linked Heroes a different type of buff.

For example, the Sea Monsters Link grants bonus HP and CC Resist while the Assassin Order Link grants bonus HP and Speed.

  • These buffs come in 3 different levels depending on the quality of the Linked Heroes.

LevelUnlock Condition


Alliance Link enabled


The Linked Heroes are 9-star or above


The Linked Heroes are 12-star

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