NFT Marketplace

For Buyers

Players can choose to buy a Hero by one of the following 2 ways below on Summoners Arena native NFT Marketplace

Buy at Listed Price

A Player can buy out a Hero NFT at its listed price (listed by the Owner of that Hero).

Make Offer

For every Hero (either currently listing or not), a Player can navigate to the "Details" page of that Hero and make an offer to the current Owner.

For Sellers

Players can sell their Heroes in one of the following 2 ways.

List, Delist & Price Update

List a Hero: A Hero can be listed at a chosen price to the marketplace by its current Owner.

Delist a Hero & Price Update: If a Hero is already listed, the current Owner can choose to Delist the Hero or Update the previously listed price.

Accept Offer

If there's an offer made by a Buyer to a certain Hero, the Owner of that Hero can choose to accept the offer and sell the Hero to the Buyer at the offered price.

Platform Fee

Summoners Arena charges sellers a 4.5% fee per transaction and these funds will be directed to the Community Treasury.

Example: If a seller lists a Hero for 1 BNB, when that Hero is purchased by another buyer, the seller will receive 1 - 0.045 = 0.955 BNB.

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