Native Exchange

updated Jul 5, 2022

About Summoners Arena Native Exchange

Summoners Arena Native Exchange (SA-NE) is a hybrid decentralized exchange where players can list their buy/sell orders and fill orders listed by others. Every order and transaction is broadcasted to the blockchain and displayed on the exchange interface in an order book.

Simply put, SA-NE = DEX with an orderbook. Simple and easy to use

The exchange was built so that Summoners Arena players can freely trade their assets with one another within the Summoners Arena ecosystem. Players can feel safe buying all kinds of Summoners Arena cryptoassets from others or posting their hard-earned assets for sale.

As of now, the Summoners Arena Native Exchange is hosting the ASG/BUSD trading pair.


ASG Contract Address: 0x2ef776488739722Ad174F8f2ffE76eb67a8467Eb

SA-NE Contract Address: 0xA0ca16f1E566325B3A7F2b7086E2B9F4cEfd3fC9

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