Play - Own - Earn


Play refers to engagement in activities of pure enjoyment and recreation. With more than a decade of experience in developing and delivering top-notch entertainment products in the traditional gaming industry, we approach blockchain games with a rather different perspective than what being sold on the market right now and we are actualizing those visions with Summoners Arena.
From the very first days, we want Summoners Arena to be not just another idle game but a whole new world where players can truly live in it and be a part of this massively immersive experience.
True excitement and enjoyability are our top priorities. Summoners Arena stops at nothing to deliver this commitment to our community. Interoperability, Cross-chain, AR/VR, etc. All options are on the table.
More than just entertainment, Summoners Arena is a game developed to target an expanded community of gamers, through which the concept of "𝗢𝘄𝗻" also opens up countless opportunities for players to earn and own NFT.
Becoming a Summonian who owns NFT in Summonia lets players unleash the full potential of their Heroes while playing a crucial role in the vast ecosystem by owning SAE through the DAO mechanism that Blockchain technology brings.
If “Play” and “Own” are the foundations of sustainability for the game then “Earn” is the simple yet enticing value that any gamer strives for when it comes to NFT ownership.
Beyond being the owner of their NFT, Summonians can apply their knowledge into growing the community and becoming a crucial part of the project. Players shall fight with their teammates to bring glory in many great events in the world of Summonia.