Official Contracts

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BNB Smart Chain Mainnet:โ€‹
BNB Smart Chain Testnet:โ€‹

Token Contracts

SAE Contract Address: [to be published]
ASG Contract Address: [to be published]

NFT Contracts

Hero NFT Contract Address: 0x9d379e2d4bdcd59503390a57078c1bf821d5742aโ€‹
Binance NFT Genesis Scroll Contract: 0x8cab1f80a2d6576e9f2725134f06edaaed9c7a7aโ€‹
Sealed Chest NFT Contract (ERC1155): 0x82B8FED61Ae488322e33f67C6097DCceB54f7AcAโ€‹

Service Contracts

Summoners Arena Marketplace: 0xcA90d702E9FE6FF703E4DD538EE3494320Ec9eC7โ€‹
Renting Contract v2 (active): 0x9b253397a0db61b30f57c56dcffa2ee4486647c5โ€‹
Renting Contract v1 (old - Withdrawals only): 0x864d2c97951fd6ee3f3151b5d07e5e5b84239979โ€‹