Basic Concept

Attackers & Defenders

For each battle there will be the attacker and the defender. Each side will have a different outcome regarding the battle result as follows:

  • Attackers:

    • Victory: Increase Rank Point and Battleground Coin.

    • Defeated: Decrease Rank Point.

  • Defenders:

    • Victory: Rank Point remains.

    • Defeated: Decrease Rank Point.

Battleground Tickets

Players will receive a fixed number of 20 Battleground Tickets daily, each can be used to Attack another player in the Battleground.

Battleground Tickets can not be purchased.

Qualifying Matches

The first 20 matches of each Season will serve the Qualifying Matches.

Qualifying Matches will:

  • On Victory: Increase Rank Point.

  • On Defeat: Rank Point remains.


In the Battleground, the Heroes' Level won't be maxed out.

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