Game Lore

Since the dawn of time, the goddess of all creation - Agtiz had constructed the world of Summonia, where the land became barren and desolate. Taking note of Summonia’s arid condition, the goddess gave birth to her 6 children - the Elder Titans and tasked them with excavating and advancing Summonia’s future.

The six Elder Titan each embodies an element of their own: Lucas - the Titan of Justice and representing Light, Obscurus - the Titan of Fear and representing Darkness, Tera - the Titan of Life and representing Nature, Orcus - the Titan of Death and representing the Abyss, Aqua - the Titan of Freedom and representing the Ocean, last, Bellona - the Titan of War and representing Fire. The 6 Elder Titans went on to create 6 distinct territories with attributes reminiscent of their creator and went on to rule these bountiful kingdoms peacefully.

Yet, peace is fleeting. After centuries of harmony, chaos was ashore as the Titan of Darkness - Obscurus hatched his plan to rule over Summonia eternally. With a powerful army in hand, he wreaked deadly havoc, threatening the lives of innocents across the land. Recognising the threat, the remaining Titans dispelled their army and led their own citizens against the invasion. The united alliance was able to push the dark army back to Obscurus’ territory. But, little did they know, near the victory line, the Titan of Dead - Orcus had been waiting to betray them. Under his hands, the betrayal was a massacre, leaving the alliance crippled and having to retreat back to their own land. This war had brought immense chaos and the near-extinction of Summonia. Thus, the goddess Agtiz has recalled all 6 Elder Titans back to her and forbade them to never interfere with the world of Summonia again.

Yet, unyieldingly, the Titan of Darkness had not given up his bottomless greed. He escaped from the grasp of the goddess of creation, to once again return to Summonia and gather his forces. He used his darkness to shape and twist the citizens from the kingdoms, creating bad omens and unusual activities to prepare for another uprising. Conflicts were at an all-time high, signalling the start of a new gruesome war.

If the Titans were to battle once again, the world would surely fall into irreversible extinction. Thus, the goddess chose 6 mortal saviours and destined them with the mission of stopping Obscurus’s evil plans. The six saviours utilise and hone their power to summon spirits of heroic warriors as companions. Together, they journey through the kingdoms, gathering brave soldiers and fighting those who were overcome by Dark Magic. Summonia’s faith lies in the hand of the 6 six saviours, the only mortals who dare to stand up against the last Titan who walks the land - Titan of Darkness Obscurus.

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