For Lenders

How to list your teams for rent

  • Go to > My Account > Leasing > Teams

  • Click the square box with a "+" sign to set up a team

  • Once finished, fill the share profit % (required) and the renter's address (optional, only if you want to lend to a specific player)

  • The team is ready to be listed now. Select "List" and approve the transactions

  • Keep in mind that up to 5 teams can be built and listed at the same time.

See your listed teams

All listed teams that haven't been rented by any players will appear in "Listed" tab

You can delist your team by selecting "Delist"

Track your leased teams

Leased teams can be found in the Leased tab

For each leased team, the following information will be displayedthe 24h change (calculated from 00:00 UTC) and the accumulate reward for

  • 24h reward (calculated from 00:00 UTC of the current day)

  • Accumulative reward since leased

  • Renter's address

  • Profit share %

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