Nmax Formula

Terms explained

Game Type 1: refers to games with a sustainable economy and NFT elements.

Main NFT: Heroes NFT in Summoners Arena Idle RPG is considered Main NFT.

Real Owner: refers to users that hold the minimum number of NFTs required to produce in-game resources.

In Summoners Arena: Idle RPG, anyone with at least 5 NFTs is considered a Real Owner.

Nmax refers to the maximum number of Main NFT in a Game Type 1. This will prevent hyperinflation or deflation of the in-game economy. Nmax will be calculated using the following formula.

Nmax = N.Ro * No* Alpha

  • N.Ro: refers to the optimal number of Real Owner in a Game Type 1. In SA World the recommended number of Real Owner should not exceed 5000 when the game is first released. N.Ro can be adjusted depending on other factors, such as the number of regular players, the supply of in-game resources generated by users, the price of in-game resources.

  • is the minimum number of Main NFT required from a Real Owner to create in-game currency.

  • Alpha: is an availability factor for a Real Owner to calculate the optimal number of Main NFT that they should own. For example, in Summoners Arena, one needs a minimum of 5 NFTs to generate ASG. In reality, people would want to own more than 5 NFTs (this number is called X) in order to be flexible in arranging their strategies. In this case, Alpha = X/5

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