Updated November 29, 2021

1. What is Summoners Arena?

Summoners Arena: Idle RPG is an immersive roleplaying experience with visually striking gameplay and extensive characters. Summoners Arena is free for everyone to play & earn rewards with real-life values for their efforts.

2. I see a similar game called Summoners Era on mobile stores. Is that the same game?

Summoners Era is a mobile game originally published by Zitga Studio, one of our backers. Summoners Arena is a reworked version with blockchain integration and new features such as Lands & Guilds. We hope to bring a mobile masterpiece to the blockchain space as well as introduce traditional gamers to the concept of blockchain gaming.

3. How much capital do I need to start playing?

The good news is we got you covered. A phone and a stable internet connection, then you are good to go!

We understand and care for our players, hence there is a PBE free-to-play version of Summoners Arena. In this version, all features are already unlocked and simply by playing, players are eligible to earn a maximum number of 05 NFTs when signing into the official version.

4. What blockchain network is the game built on? What are the available wallets?

Summoners Arena is built on Binance Smart Chain and we are still working on cross-chain capabilities. Further information will be released once ready.

Currently, weโ€™re accepting Metamask, Coin98 Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet.

5. Where do I install the game? How do I create and manage my account and my wallet?

The game is available on Apple Store and Google Play Store. You can download it here:

In order to create and manage your account, please follow the guideline here.

6. What are SAE and ASG? Why do I need them?

  • Summoners Arena Essence (SAE) is the governance token of the Summoners Arena ecosystem

At the early versions, SAE is required to unlock and upgrade Summoners. Later on in the game, SAE will be used to maintain Guild Cards and Lands. Toward game maturity, holding SAE will give players access to Staking services and game governance rights such as voting or making proposals.

For now, SAE can only be obtained by ranking in the top 5000 of the seasonal Arena leaderboard.

  • Ancient Summoners Gem (ASG) is the in-game currency of Summoners Arena.

ASG can be used to summon new Heroes, evolve Heroes, forge Items, paying Guild fee & Dungeon rent fee.

Players are rewarded with ASG when finishing a Campaign stage or winning in the Arena. There will be more sources where players can earn ASG as new game modes are released.

You can learn more about the use cases of them here:

7. What are the game modes in Summoners Arena? Where should I begin?

Summoners Arena brings about exciting gameplay experiences through various gameplay features. The most basic game mode in the game is Campaign PvE where players along with their Summoners and Heroes go battle neutral Heroes through different stages with increasing difficulty.

Once players get familiar with the game, the Arena is where they shine. The Arena PvP is the competitive game mode of Summoners Arena where players engage each other in competitive 1v1 battles.

Check out more details in the Gameplay section.

8. Where can I join other community members and update the latest news?

Website: https://summonersarena.io/

X: https://x.com/summonersarena/

Substack: https://saworld.substack.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/SAWorld_io

Discord: https://discord.gg/saworld

Guide book: https://academy-sa.onechain.game/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@SummonersArenaOfficial

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