Summoners are account-native units that represent the player's avatars in the game.

There are 5 Summoners in the game, each belongs to a Hero Class.

  • Malefica - The Last Daughter of Darkness Malefica is the symbol of equality and the one who can still smile under the whips

  • Bellator - The Roarer Bellator is known as the gatekeeper of dawn. He comes before everyone and leaves after everyone, a warrior the even scare the fear

  • Vesta - The Starlight from the West Vesta is the messenger of the Creator, and the bearer of hope within destruction and the one that even The Darkness dares not to mention her names.

  • Faber - The Forest Daughter Faber is the one who Death followed behind. She is also the only and the last champion of the Bloody Game.

  • Sagittarius - The Night Hunter Sagittarius represents The Green Lightning of Poseidonis, carries his Tramp with a thousand arrows.

Each Summoner represents a different Hero class and also has 01 active skill slot and 03 passive skill slots, similar to Heroes.

Summoners will join combat side-by-side with Heroes and cast their skills once the energy bar is filled.

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