For Renters

Step-by-step instruction for Renters to rent a team and start playing!

  1. How to Rent?

    • Click the purple button (with the share percentages) to rent the team

    • Sign the transaction and you are good to go

    Tips: For teams that have been whitelisted for you by another player, select the whitelist filter to display those teams only.

  2. How to start playing?

  3. Feature Access Restrictions

    • Teams borrowed from others donโ€™t have access to all features in the game. Borrowed teams cannot be used in the following features (applicable for Borrowers only)

      • Evolve: Borrowed Heroes cannot evolve or be used to evolve another Hero

      • Level Up: Borrowed Heroes cannot be upgraded

      • Level Reset: Borrowed Heroes cannot have their levels reset by the Borrowers

  4. Returning a team

  5. Claim and withdraw your reward

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