Players need to have at least 05 Heroes in order to unlock basic game features like Campaign (PvE) and Arena (PvP).
A minimum of 01 Hero and maximum of 05 Heroes can be used in battles.

Faction Buff

Having Heroes from the same Faction on the line-up grants the whole team Stat bonuses. The more Heroes from the same Faction on the team, the more bonuses the whole team receives.

Formation Buff

There are 04 line-up formations in the game granting different strategic-wise stat bonuses for Heroes in different positions.
Frontline Heroes receive bonus HP and Backline Heroes receive bonus Attack.
Formation (Backline - Frontline)
Backline Buff
Frontline Buff
4 - 1
+20% HP
+50% HP
3 - 2
+25% ATK
+30% HP
2 -3
+30% ATK
+25% HP
1 - 4
+50% ATK
+20% HP